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Designed primarily for Independent Retail Pharmacies


Development Analysis Associates, Inc. (DAA)
was established in 1975 in Cambridge, MA, by a group of MIT faculty and students. It has a distinguished record in providing computer systems analysis and design services to a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors. Since the late 1980's, our primary focus has been serving the pharmacy industry.

In 1984, DAA was commissioned by the National Association of Retail Druggists (NARD) to develop an entry-level pharmacy management system for their membership. NARD marketed that product under the name ScripWriter, with DAA providing technical support for the first two years. The knowledge of the pharmacy industry that we gained by working closely with so many distinguished pharmacists proved invaluable in launching our own product, Superscript, in 1987. Within a few years, there were Superscript users in nearly every state.

Our newest entry, Visual Superscript, was introduced in 2001. Building on the experience of Scripwriter and Superscript (both of which were MS DOS based systems), and utilizing the most sophisticated programming tools available in the Windows environment, has enabled us to develop a far superior product that compares very favorably with any of its competitors.

Company Goal: To provide a very powerful, yet easy-to-use, pharmacy management system at a very affordable price. Over the years, a number of our users have told us that our phramacy system is the easiest one they have ever used. Then a few years ago, when a pharmacist writing in ComputerTalk magazine referred to our system as a Cadillac at a VW price, we took that as a pretty good confirmation of sucess in achieving our goal.

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